When I was still new with Instagram I took pictures of anything everywhere, I love it when I try to edit the photos with the different filters and make them look like it was shot by a pro, although I know they know about the filters too. At first I don’t mind my followers count and I don’t care if I follow more than ten thousands of people, I just enjoy seeing their photos on my feed.

When I started to do business and take it to social media for exposure, I learned that there is much more that I can use my Instagram for, learned about the shoutout for shoutout, like for like, follow for follow and even CWD which I just often see at the comments not knowing what they really are for. I bake cakes, muffins and cookies and usually take pictures of them and post it on my social media accounts, while I do generate some likes and followers from time to time, I felt like I needed to do more effort in order to be visible so I asked my niece to do the job for me.
She has a lot of followers on her account so it was a good start in promoting my page, I gave her access then to my business account and did the marketing from there, and that was the time I knew about the shoutouts and CWD. If you find yourself asking what does cwd mean, it just means ‘comment when done’.

I now have my own little shop near my house and people are starting to know my products. Aside from word of mouth which is a lot from my friends, social media definitely helped me a lot as well. Up until now, my customers would ask for my Instagram, twitter or Facebook just in case they wanted to get in touch with me which is really great!

Hello all and thanks a lot for visiting my blog today. This post is going to be another boom beach post and I’m going to provide you guys with awesome boom beach tips to help you guys become a better boom beach player without having to pay any money to do so. If you don’t know what boom beach is, boom beach is a mobile MMO game that was created back in early 2013 by the great mobile gaming company Super Cell. Super Cell earns the title of “great” because they have constantly been putting out mobile gaming hits. From Clash of Clans to Boom Beach to Hay Day, Super Cell knows how to put out a top 20 top grossing game. Super Cell also knows how to trick consumers into spending money on games that are advertised as free. Yes, boom beach is guilty of this. Boom Beach if you check the app stores (Google Play or Apple iTunes App Store), you will see that boom beach is free to download. But don’t think it’s a completely free game. Boom Beach is only free to a certain extent as Super Cell tries to squeeze as much money as possible from its users. They do this by using a business model that’s now recognized as the freemium business model. This model is quite simple. Basically it’s like a free trial, but you won’t get charged over a period of time. Basically, you will be allowed to download and play boom beach, but after a certain amount of time playing (it’s different for everyone), boom beach is going to become quite harder in terms of difficulty if you don’t make an in app purchase. With boom beach being free to download, the only way these guys can make money is from in app purchases and advertising. This is a major scam going on right now.

Deciding on what toaster oven to get could be a tough job to have if you are in a tight budget and wanted to get the best value for your money. Best toaster oven 2015 showcases the latest and most innovative kitchen equipment that could surpass most of your existing kitchen appliances; and I’m talking about ovens, plain pop up toasters, separate broilers as well as microwaves.

Toasting bread sounds simple but if you have the power to select if you want your bread toasted light, medium or dark then I guess only a good toaster oven can do that. Love to broil chicken? Forget about huge broilers since you can definitely do this with your toaster oven, which already saves you money on buying a separate broiler. Baking some cookies is also great with this product plus you also get a perfect crisp when you re-heat you pizzas. If you are among those people who think that microwaves are not healthy, then use your toaster oven to warm or defrost your foods from the fridge or freezer. All in all, the toaster oven is an all-in-one product that you would like to have in your kitchen; not only for its great value but also for its multipurpose functions.

The metro is known for its own way of making people more comfortable. Metro is one of the means of transport where people feel secured and they reach on time. Prague is a city known for its metro, this city metro is one of the best in Europe. It has the unique way of transport compared to other countries since it is automatic and the ticket system has the system also it has variety of passes for the people. In this city the underground transport idea have been created a history. This pražské metro has a system which is laid and it is made as triangle where the plan is made such a way that three lines meet at the city which a spacing of two half for every station. The line has been divided into four parts with different colors which has a tunneling shield.

Every line has its own make above and below the ground also the larger tunnels has a planned track tunnels on each sides also for different and each stations made to have its unique own color. In this city they have a proper ticketing system in which people are much more comfortable with season and long term tickets. Majority at the rate of 40% people prefer metro transport asthere are three transfer stations and it has been planned clearly and marked which makes people to walk within three to five minutes. The government is very kind enough, as it allows disabled people to travel. There is report that two third of stations allow proper access and way for the disabled. Proper announcements are made that, the announcements like where the train starts, closes, which station are made in subway for the safety of the people and gives the feel of a happy journey.

Reading background check reviews can be a great help especially when you are planning to hire someone or find a lost friend. These services are easy to use as most of the service providers will give you access to their service through a web portal. You will have a large search form where you will enter name of a person you want to investigate. Majority of background checks take a few days to return a report so you will have to be patient especially when you want to find criminal and financial information about someone.

Although some companies will offer free background check, any legitimate and “real” company will always charge you for the background checks you perform. Some service providers will charge per search while others will offer various packages so that you can choose the one that suits you the most. For example, if you are a large employer and you hire new people every other month, you may want to use a service that offers yearly package so that you only pay once a year and perform as many searches as many needed. On the other hand, if you are only going to use these services rarely, you may want to go with a service that lets you pay for a bundle i.e. 20 searches at a certain rate and so on.

Always choose background check reviews that offer excellent customer support. This can help you solve problems instantly if you face while using the service. For example, if you need to use a specific feature and you can’t find a way to use it, a company with good customer support will be there to help you. All you will have to do is to call them or contact them through chat to ask about using that particular feature.

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